Helping women facing the challenges and opportunities of midlife transition to reconnect with their truth, find clarity and move with focus and self awareness to create the next chapter of their lives.

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It is my great joy and honor to work with women who are experiencing the challenges and opportunities inherent in midlife transition.  

Midlife, especially for women, can be challenging indeed. Long-term constructs in our lives tend to change or end: kids leave home, marriages end, careers shift or end, parents are aging, and so forth. These changes can be disorienting, and we may find ourselves asking, so now what?  Who am I really, now that I’m no longer defined by my prior obligations and relationships? What do I really want from here on? What do I do with my time? Where do I find joy and new meaning?  

...where do I find joy and

Such transition places, while often scary and confusing, are also opportunities to rediscover ourselves, grow, and redefine our lives. Harnessing your own hard-learned wisdom, with courage and determination, and with appropriate skills, guidance, and support, there is new freedom waiting around the corner, as you learn to take charge of your life, and begin to create your own happiness.  

...begin to create your
own happiness... 

Through small-group workshops and personal coaching, I offer women effective tools, guidance, and a safe and supportive environment for discovering their deep truth, dismantling internal obstacles,  and reconnecting with their power, so they may move forward to make the next chapter of their lives full of joy and fulfillment.

I invite you to explore the details of the workshops and coaching I offer (see links at right) and would love to hear from you and work with you. To keep updated on new workshop dates and receive periodic emails from me with helpful resources relevant to women in midlife transition, please sign up below. 

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